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  Central location

 Montreux, the Pearl of the Riviera
 Overlooking Lake Geneva, your Montreux address :
 Riviera Business Cente, 92 Grand-Rue

At the heart of Montreux, on the main street overlooking the lake,
between the railway station and the major hotels, 
the RIVIERA BUSINESS CENTER offers an exceptional address for domiciled companies

 Lausanne, the Olympic Capital
 In the center, address in Lausanne
 City Business Center, Rue du Simplon 37

In the center of Lausanne
facing the parking station SBB south side
the CITY BUSINESS CENTER offers a framework and exceptional meetings place.

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Company domiciliation
Both centers offer full-service corporate domiciliation
with or without key offices in hand.

Secretariat and management of associations.
We have served associations and foundations for over 20 years,

and the RIVIERA BUSINESS CENTER Montreux also offers secretarial
and management services to start-up companies in our region.

For information, contact us by phone: +41 21 966 55 55.

Contact us to schedule your next visit:
Tel. : +41 21 966 55 55

Services on request
In addition to reception, switchboard, secretariat and full
office services, our business centers provide:-
- Creation of company / subsidiary, administrative procedures
- Records of your company, your brand
- Directorship / representative of your company
- Logistical services, accounting, marketing and more.

We believe that the reliability of the RBC and CBC-L services will
prove critical to your success.

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   Olivier Toletti   General manager



         and Manager of CBC-L 
           since 2009 : Synergies


The Riviera Business Center (RBC), a novel idea in its day,  was founded in 1990. In its infancy, it had premises in Avenue des Alpes, Montreux.

Since then, the RBC has grown up. Here is the RBC’s timeline:-

In 1995, the RBC moves into one of the most futuristic buildings in Montreux, the new Cité Centre, taking the fifth floor and later also the third floor, where the offices, reception and fully-equipped conference facilities are located.

In 1996, the RBC continues its development and becomes a limited company with a share capital of CHF 100,000.

In 2001, Olivier TOLETTI becomes the CEO and sole owner of the capital stock of RBC. Olivier, an entrepreneur at heart, is a graduate from the Glion Hotel School and subsequently enjoyed an international career with Nestlé, including postings to Ghana and Senegal. Using his wide range of professional contacts he develops the RBC as training business.

In 2004, the MONTREUX CHORAL FESTIVAL celebrates not only its 40-year anniversary, but also five years of good administrative management services delivered by RBC. Providing such support to associations, foundations and start-ups is one of the key strengths of RBC. (See Associations page)

In 2006, Olivier TOLETTI restructures and modernises the RBC, in terms of telecommunications, information-technology and infrastructure: the ship is steaming ahead again!

In 2009, Olivier TOLETTI is asked to take over the management of the CITY BUSINESS CENTER Lausanne (CBC-L Sàrl). With the help of a keen young team and with the right leadership he creates synergies between the two organisations. Clients located in Lausanne now enjoy the same quality services to which clients of RBC Montreux have become accustomed.

Amongst other new clients, In 2012 the RBC takes on the mandate of the secretariat of SICOM (the Industrial & Commercial Society of Montreux), which confirms RBC's importance in the provision of services to business on the Riviera and in the canton of Vaud.

Early in 2013, Véronique TOLETTI, Olivier’s sister, joins the RBC after a successful 30-year career in tourism, hospitality and sport in Cape Town, South Africa. She coordinates services for both centers from Montreux on a daily basis.

In 2014, the RIVIERA BUSINESS CENTER celebrates15 years of successful administrative management for the MONTREUX CHORAL FESTIVAL. We wish to thank them and all our other loyal clients for the confidence which they have placed in us during all these years of successful collaboration.

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